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What is the Balance365 Life?

Love your body, ditch fad dieting, and pursue healthy habits for life. New mindset, who dis?

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It’s a journey, and a daily practice. Check out all the resources we offer for getting started!

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meet        JAL

the founders of balance365

Jen, Annie, and Lauren (fondly referred to as “JAL” by their community!) have been on a mission to change the world since 2014.  They’ve taken their experience of finding freedom from diets and body shame and turned it into an international movement for women who crave self acceptance and to restore a healthy relationship with food.

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  • One day I looked around saw The Matrix. All these people scraping apples off their salad to lose two more pounds. What's the point? I wanted to make changes without feeling like I was going to lose my mind. Enter Balance365 and their sustainable lifestyle change model. And here I am today feeling mindful and balanced, with no rigid rules or restrictions. People keep asking me what I’m doing, “did you cut carbs? Is it keto?” Nope. It’s just moderate, consistent change and actually enjoying my life.
  • It was scary to walk away from dieting because it’s the only thing that had ever “worked” for me. But as I now know, it only “works” temporarily. I joined Balance365 because I needed freedom from it all. The program was different from anything I had ever seen. I’m no longer restricting. I’m exercising for enjoyment. Even my skin and hair have improved! It’s not about the weight I’ve lost at all. It’s about how good I feel. And I can honestly say I will never diet again.
    Sarah Cole Testimonial
  • This program has absolutely changed my life. I’m now at peace with food. I’m being kinder to myself. I find my positive attitude (and habits) being mimicked by my children. It’s given me a new sense of confidence. It’s not restrictive so there’s no need to binge. I feel free. I feel loved and I have more love towards myself and other women in my life. This program isn’t just about food. It’s about making you feel awesome about yourself, your choices, and your abilities.
    Maggie Schwab Testimonial
  • For women thinking of joining, I want them to know that Balance365 doesn’t see you as a failure or just a number. I've had issues with loving myself and my body my entire life. I never felt confident that I was worth focusing on until Balance365. And just in the last four months I’ve started to lose 1-1.5lbs a week consistently by making changes to my lifestyle and habits that will last.
  • Balance365 took me back to the basics. The program stripped away all of the nutrition misinformation I had been taught from the diet industry, and helped me ditch the “all or nothing” pattern I was stuck in. The community and coaches held my hand and calmed me down – I was finally able to let go of the overwhelming anxiety and desperation I had around losing weight. The changes I've made from this program are for the long term and have added more to my life than I ever got while dieting.

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